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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Engineer Research & Development Center
Construction Engineering Research Lab
P.O. Box 9005
2902 Newmark Dr.
Champaign, IL 61826-9005

CERL Missions

Mission Statement

Develop and infuse innovative technologies to provide excellent facilities and realistic training lands for the Department of Defense, the U.S. Army and many other customers while also supporting ERDC’s research and development mission in geospatial research and engineering, military engineering, and civil works.

CERL directs its research efforts toward increasing the Army’s ability to more efficiently design, construct, operate and maintain its installations and contingency bases and to ensure environmental quality and safety at a reduced life-cycle cost. Excellent facilities support the Army’s training, readiness, mobilization and sustainability missions. Adequate infrastructure and realistic training lands are critical assets to installations in carrying out their military missions. Efficient contingency bases, which minimize the use of external resources and the generation of waste and enhance relations with local communities, are critical for successful deployments in all situations—from disaster response and humanitarian assistance to stability operations and conflicts.


Service and Support

Products and services from CERL research enhance the Army’s ability to design, build, operate and maintain its installations and contingency bases and ensure environmental quality at the lowest life-cycle cost. An active technology transfer program ensures these products and services receive the widest dissemination among prospective users.

CERL researchers work in collaboration with other ERDC labs and with partners in government, industry and academia. This helps CERL develop technologies for the U.S. Army’s current and future force as well as the private and public sectors where no similar applications and capabilities exist. While the CERL program centers on military installations, contingency bases, and sustainable ranges and lands, additional focus areas include enhancing socio-cultural understanding in theater operations and improving civil works facilities and infrastructure. The laboratory also conducts research on Resilient Facilities and Infrastructure; Smart Sustainable Materials; Installation Decision Support; and Urban and Stability Operations.

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Facilities Division

  • Energy Branch
  • Engineering Processes Branch
  • Materials and Structures Branch

Installations Division

  • Ecological Processes Branch
  • Environmental Processes Branch
  • Lands and Heritage Conservation Branch