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Geospatial Research Laboratory

U.S. Army Geospatial Research Laboratory (GRL), Alexandria, Va.

Researchrs working at the TEC Fluorescence Lab
Research at the GRL Fluorescence Lab. 


GRL provides the warfighter and Nation with superior knowledge of the battlefield through innovative basic and applied research in geospatial and related sciences.

GRL conducts geospatial research, development, techhnology and evaluation of current and emerging geospatial technologies that will help characterize and measure phenomena within the physical (terrain) and social (cultural) environments encountered by the Army.

Service and Support

GRL is co-located with the Army Geospatial Center (AGC) and engages in research to support the development of the Army Geospatial Enterprise as well as develop geospatially-enabled technologies for the Army and Nation. GRL research areas and capabilities include terrain analysis and reasoning; passive and active spectral signature analysis; fluorescence; photogrammetry; terrain visualization; precision surveying and mapping; image analysis; data management; geographic information systems; data/image fusion; and spatio-temporal reasoning and numerical analysis.  GRL focuses technical efforts in the following mission areas:

  • Terrain Analysis for Signal and Sensor Phenomenology
  • Geospatial Temporal Information Structure and Framework
  • GeoEnabled Mission Command
  • Geospatial Reasoning
  • Imagery and GeoData Sciences


Dr. Joseph Fontanella, TEC director

Director (AGC/GRL): Dr. Joseph F. Fontanella

Deputy Director: Valerie Carney

Geospatial Research Laboratory/Division Chief: Martha E. Kiene


Topography, Imagery and Geospatial Research Division

  • Data and Signature Analysis Branch
  • Geospatial Applications Branch
  • Information Generation and Management Branch
  • Data Representation Branch

Facilities and Products

Learn about GRL’s robust facilities and cutting-edge products here.

GRL fact sheet

Contact Information

Public Affairs: 703-428-6655 (fax: 8176/6995)

General Contact Information: 703-428-6655

U.S. Army Geospatial Research Laboratory
Cude Bldg. 2592
7701 Telegraph Road
Alexandria, VA 22315-3864
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