Multi-element wave generator (MEG) located in the Hudson Integrated Coastal Engineering Facility (HICERF)


The Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) Hudson Integrated Coastal Engineering Facility (HICERF) directional wave basin is a state-of-the-art resource for discovery, development, and delivery of fundamental research and operational needs in the coastal environment. By reproducing littoral and nearshore hydrodynamics, the HICERF basin addresses both civilian and military needs through physical modeling including fluid-structure interaction, coastal infrastructure, coastal processes, sediment transport, wave hydrodynamics, and natural and nature-based features.


The HICERF Basin measures 29.9 m wide, 79 m long, and 1.45 m deep. The multi-element wave generator (MEG) consists of 56 piston-type wave generators capable of producing regular waves, random waves, solitary waves, and long- and short-crested multidirectional waves. The HICERF Basin is comprised of two separate areas, one with a sandy beach and one for testing structures including flood mitigation and barrier products through the National Flood Barrier Testing and Certification Program. The basin’s configurable setup in combination with the portability of the MEG allows for broad application to government and non-government organizations projects, including those for academia and the private sector.


Testing in the HICERF Basin is supported by an onsite sediment supply comprised of fine, well-sorted sand and a cross-shore instrumentation bridge. An extensive variety of instrumentation supports the transformational research and operations conducted in the HICERF Basin. The instrumentation includes capacitance wave gauges, acoustic Doppler velocimeters (ADVs), underwater and surface motion tracking systems, terrestrial LiDAR, and mass property instruments. On-site shop capability includes custom model bathymetry; 5-axis CNC machining for plastics, wood, and metal; 3D printing; acrylic molding; and skilled trades like carpentry, welding, and plumbing.


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Dr. Duncan Bryant