CHL supports Military and Civil Works missions with hydrologic analysis, providing sensing equipment, data collection methodologies, modeling tools, integration of large data sets, and analysis for a variety of purposes related to flood analysis and control, water supply and availability, hydrologic forecasting, troop mobility, facility siting, watershed management, and sediment transport. In conjunction with ERDC’s Environmental Laboratory, CHL provides hydro-environmental modeling, tools and analysis for environmental compliance, and other water quality analysis. To accomplish diverse missions, CHL develops, maintains, applies, and transfers to the field a variety of generally applicable hydrologic technologies relevant to wide-ranging environments around the world (temperate, tropical, and arctic regions). CHL analyzes and simulates surface and subsurface hydrologic systems and coupled groundwater and surface water systems. Tools cover a large range of applications requiring differing levels of fidelity, from quick analysis to high-fidelity solutions. To provide complete solutions to complex problems, such as coastal flooding, hydrologic forecasting, and structure operations, CHL hydrologic tools are integrated with other simulation capabilities, such as weather and storm surge forecast models and systems.