Coastal Hazard System

Hydrodynamic Model

Published April 23, 2021
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Coastal hazards such as storm surge, waves, currents, wind, and rainfall associated with hurricanes and extratropical storms can have devastating effects on coastal communities. Increased vulnerability of U.S. coastlines to these coastal storm hazards has led to the development of the Coastal Hazards System (CHS). The foundation of the CHS is its Probabilistic Coastal Hazard Analysis (PCHA) framework, which incorporates storm climate characterization, state-of-the-art atmospheric and coupled storm surge-wave hydrodynamic models, and joint probability analysis of storm forcing and responses. The CHS is the only National-scale database, web-based data mining, and visualization system intended for the distribution of coastal hazard quantification results, including more than 4,500 synthetic tropical cyclones.

Norberto Nadal-Caraballo
Victor Gonzalez