This section of the site contains the latest full version of the software as well as related downloads.  You may download the software installer from this section and then proceed to the Updates section to apply any updates that may have been released. 

Beachfx SLC Version

BEACH-fx Version 2.0 (March 2024)
     Version 2.0 (88.8 MB)

BEACH-fx Version (Sept. 2015):
     Version (31 MB)

BEACH-fx 1.0 User's Guide:  (August, 2009)
     User's Guide (PDF)  (8 MB)

BEACH-fx 1.0 Sample Project Data:  (April, 2009)
     Sample Project Data  (97 MB)

For information about the BEACH-fx Project, or software, please contact: Rusty L. Permenter