CHL Mission

To deliver solutions to our Nation’s most challenging coastal and hydraulics problems through research, development and application of cutting-edge science, engineering and technology.
To be a world-class research and development organization that discovers, develops, and delivers coastal and hydraulics science and engineering to 
make the world safer and better every day.
Coastal and Hydraulics lab goals








Why We Do It

CHL works collaboratively across ERDC and the USACE, and with other government agencies, industry, and academic partners, to deliver world-class products that advance coastal and hydraulics science and engineering in the service areas of navigation, flood risk management, water resources management, sediment management, and military engineering. Through CHL’s research, development, and applications, we seek to leverage advancements to support Military and Civil Works requirements.

  • Navigation
  • Flood and Coastal Risk Management
  • Water Management
  • Sediment Management
  • Coastal and Hydraulics Military Engineering