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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Engineer Research & Development Center
Geospatial Research Laboratory
Cude Bldg. 2592
7701 Telegraph Road
Alexandria, VA 22315-3864

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Mission Statement

The Geospatial Research Laboratory provides accurate and relevant geospatial information, capabilities, and research to the Warfighter. Our research and development technology solutions offer geospatially enabling data, information and decision framework capabilities that ensure detailed situational awareness of the battlefield.

Service and Support

The 75 diverse multifaceted scientists and engineers at the Geospatial Research Laboratory focus on finding solutions that support the Army’s modernization priorities. Emphasis in the areas of LiDAR, remote sensing, geospatial intelligence, and 3D visualization provides the foundation of our research. GRL advances warfighting functions through intelligence preparation of the battlefield and the creation of Mission Command tactical decision aids. We deliver accurate geospatially enabled mission planning software and tools that provide commanders with a complete understanding of the terrain. 

Technical capabilities include: 

  • Terrestrial, Airborne, and Mobile Applications of LiDAR scanning and imaging 
  • Terrain Analysis and Weather Phenomenology 
  • Full Motion Video (FMV) to 3D scanning technology 
  • 3D Enriched Urban Terrain Visualization
  • Mission Planning Tools for Small Units 
  • Map Based Mission Planning Technologies 
  • Remote Sensing Data Analysis
  • Geospatially Enabled U.S. Army Enterprise Computing Environments

Fact Sheet


Dr. Joseph Fontanella

Mr. Gary W. Blohm

Director (AGC/GRL)

Deputy: Valerie Carney


Topography, Imagery and 
      Geospatial Research Division

  • Data and Signature Analysis Branch
  • Geospatial Applications Branch
  • Information Generation and
    Management Branch
  • Data Representation Branch