Risk and Decision Science



Risk Assessment

We advise clients about risks in a wide range of areas. Many of our projects involve risk assessment on complex environmental risks and emerging threats where information is limited or unknown.

Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis

A keystone of our expertise is tools like MCDA that facilitate effective decisions. Our decision analysis process emphasizes building consensus based on facts.  We have worked with clients throughout the nation, including the West Coast, New England and Gulf Coast regions.

Resilience Analytics

Using smart sensors and monitoring technologies, we inform decision protocols to enhances resilience on military installations. We consider: how can new technologies be put to use?  What are its strengths, and what are the risks?  We help decision-makers consider complex issues like emerging pathogens (COVID-19), climate change, cyberattacks and compounding threats that combine several stressors.

Environmental Modeling

Technologies sometimes call for new tools for environmental modeling and assessment. We use modeling to improve the management of systems over time, using performance measures to inform when it’s time to change management strategies. 

Portfolio Management

We have helped asset owners, regulators and other groups determine what to do based on the information available. We consider the current and future situation, using input from our clients and other stakeholders. We provide analysis and decision-making guidance for problems that need to consider the lifecycle of each component in the asset catalog.